Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Product Review - Eya Naturals

Hi lovely Naturalistas,

Yes am back again..... I know its been a while but hey do not even talk about it because I miss you guys more...hehehehe

Ok on a more serious note this post has been hanging on my neck since December but hmmmm I cannot even give my long list of excuses. but the most important thing is that I am here now and with something good for you.

I have always said that its good when you appreciate something that is close to you. For a very long time some of us have had issues with trusting made in Ghana products but lately some producers or makers of these made in Ghana products have proved themselves worthy of trust and here in this post, I bring you one of such....This is a review of the lately talked about made in Ghana natural body and hair is the EYA NATURALS range of products.

Now just sit back,relax, infact take a chilled natural drink while you read this

Eya Naturals-Black soap

It is made with our own African Black soap popularly known as "alata samina" and coconut oil which is very good for our skin.

How I use it
If you have my type of hair (very thick and full) you would always learn to section your hair before applying any product, from shampoo to conditioner to leave-in, etc.

I section my hair into 4 to 6 sections and then put a little amount of the Eya Naturals Black Soap Shampoo on a section, I rub it from scalp,root to tips of my hair and then rub both palms on it (my Cherry tomato calls it the praying hand method)lol I then wash the shampoo out and move on to the next section....I repeat that for all the sections until am all done then I just say under the shower and make sure I do not have any left over lather on my hair.

My observation
My hair and scalp felt so clean after using this product. It was also very moisturized and my scalp was never itchy when I used it. 

 Eya Naturals - Detangling Conditioner

It is made with one of my favorite products not only as a naturalista but as someone with a black sensitive skin, You know what that means right? it's my "go to" when it comes to hair and skin. Sheabutter is something I have always loved from childhood. Its nourishing and moisturizing  properties makes it a number one choice for me, no matter where in find myself. Another ingredient is the coconut oil which also has very healthy properties which I do not want to go so much into.

How I use it
After shampooing, I leave my hair sectioned and ready for conditioning. I take each section and apply the detangling conditioner all over the hair especially the ends, I then detangle by running my fingers through and separating strands. After completing all sections, I cover with my plastic shower cap and a scarf. I then go about my weekend house chores for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then I rinse out.

My observation

Yes!!! Your guess is right..... I don't even have to go on but I really want to satisfy my readers with details. 
My hair was sooooo soft and well detangled. It had this shiny look I always love to see on my head.
One thing I have had issues with throughout my journey as a naturalista is when my conditioner is not too thick. This conditioner is not too thick and also not too light. I became a doubting Thomas as some point but I was put to shame after using this. It worked just perfectly and I was very happy.

My verdict
I honestly believe these are products you must get. Your hair is not only left clean but also moisturized and most importantly a healthy scalp with no dryness. NB; A healthy scalp equals healthy hair and growth. And like I always tell my lovely naturalistas out there, the fact that it worked for me does not mean it will work for you but hey, you should still give it a try. Am 80% convinced that it will work for the majority so just go ahead and get it.

Ok lovely people, until I come back again with another post which will probably be on the other products from Eya Naturals, it's adios for now and feel free to share your experience with us if you have used these products. Do not also forget to like this post and follow my blog.

love you always.....stay bold and beautiful!!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

How to avoid shrinkage after washing your two stand twists

Hey Lovelies,

This is actually an old post but just thought I should still share with you all. It is about what i did to my 3 week old micro twists which was done by Afrocomb Natural Hair Salon. 

Now take a seat, a glass of juice and relax while you read this.

I have not really had a lot of time taking care of my hair so it took me close to 9 or 10 days before i cleaned it the first time. I did that using the Dark n Lovely Scalp wash and moisturized using my normal routine. LCO method.

But, I managed to get sometime to myself and thought I could spend some time under the shower and wash my hair and also give it some good treat.
So not to talk too much on the washing aspect, let me summarize. I just shampooed and went on with conditioning and then moisturizing while massaging with my oils.

So the main thing I want to talk about is how I kept my hair stretched after washing because I was not ready to deal with shrinkage.

After moisturizing my hair i just thought I should thread my hair... someone will say how can you thread your hair when its in twists.
I just sectioned into about 6 parts, passed my fingers through each section and threaded it. It was that simple and I just loved the outcome.

I was so yearning to style my hair the next morning for church but thanks to "dumsor" I could not go to church.... I bore ruff!!!

so bad I dont have a picture of the final look but trust me it was worth it...

qhooooo....gotta go now but always remember its best to be bold and beautiful...just be who you are and be proud of what you see in the mirror every morning...

Am out lovelies...catch ya all on the flip side!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kinks Curls & Coils Meet 'n' Greet

Hello beautiful naturalistas,

It’s been a while up here but I trust you all doing great and loving yourself as you are.
Well this post is basically about the last Kinks Curls & Coils meet n greet held at Paloma last Friday, December 05, 2014. 

First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who was there. I hope you all had fun and learnt a lot. It was amazing seeing both young and old coming to learn about how to keep their natural hair healthy.

Hmmmmm……I don’t know if I can really give much information here because as an organizer you can’t really watch out for everything that went on. I was just out and about making sure things are rightly in place. But let me try…..

Right from the start, vendors trooped in to set up their stands and participants also trooped in to register and get their seats. The event was supposed to have started at 10am, but even before registration started at 9:30am, participants had already started coming in…. as the crowd got larger, I started asking myself questions…. I will not share them but I think your guess may be right…but all the same I was glad to see it all happen.


With every event you organize, you expect a lot of good response from participants but trust me feedback without the negatives means you did not have good and honest participants so you should also expect the negatives and make sure you learn from them.


People were soooo excited about the information given to them, they kept asking all the questions and they got all the answers they needed. They were even happier about the giveaways. There were lots of products to buy too...what more can you ask from us? I was happy that we promised and we made it happen but I can’t take all the credit for it. First I thank God and also to my lovely panelist and sponsors who made the giveaways wonderful.  
Janice(Jay Kinks & Koils)
Okailey(guest blogger of Ghanaian Naturalistas)

Nisaf klodin

Urban Makes

Afrocomb Natural hair salon(Dzorwulu)

TAMA Cosmetics

Moringa oils

All Pure Nature
 (These are just some of the vendors)

Bad ( not too bad though)

The participants were more than the venue, which was a good sign but like God said, “open your mouth wide and I will fill it” so lesson learnt, God willing next year we will have a bigger venue to contain all our participants.

We still thank God for everything…. It was a successful event and I pray for more wisdom and also that God takes us to higher heights in providing good service on natural hair care to all Ghanaians and  the whole of Africa….

God bless you all and like I always say, keep loving yourself and do what will make you happy but know that God comes first in all we do…….. See you all at the next KCC meet n greet... but hey hey hey till then just watch out for AFROTASTIC 2015 coming soon!!!!!!

Natural hair just got better!!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dark n Lovely Braids and Weaves- Part 2

Hi beautiful people,

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post of the Dark n Lovely new product line. If you did, then am grateful and like I told you I am back with more.

Just a recap of the list of products: Scalp wash
                                                        Scalp soother
                                                        Hair refresher
                                                        SOS Hairline
 I am done with that of the scalp wash so my next is about the scalp soother.

Anti-itch Scalp Basing Soother

this product as explained on the container is an anti-itch, fresh control and daily used product. It's also stated that it instantly relieves the scalp from tightness and itchiness due to braiding and also helps with manageability of the hair when braiding.
Well, for the aspect of of tightness I can't say much because my hair was about a week or more old when I got the product but with the rest I would agree with it fully because it really helped with itchiness on my scalp and to add to that, it also kept my scalp moisturized as well as my new growth. It had this nice smell that made me love it the more because I love it when I pass by someone and the person asks me "what did you put in your hair? It smells good" I even love it more when other people hear those words about my hair....hahahahaha.... Anyway the truth is this product smells so good and I even used it after taking out my braids and had my own hair twisted. I just put a little on a particular spot and then rub it in well so it can reach to other parts of the scalp.
 I also like the thickness, its not too thick and its not too light. just ok and easily spreads when you massage it in.
When I went through the ingredients, there was something that drew my attention and which is what I always look out for in every new product I get. The first two ingredients listed were water and glycerine. With these, I knew even before usage that this product would be good and I was right.
In fact when I read through Annette's review I was asking my self so many questions.... like Is she really telling us the truth or its just a thing to get people to buy the products but then I said to myself there's no harm in trying. I got them and here am I talking plenty I could go on and on but I don't want to be selfish so let me leave it here and watch out for other people to attest to these facts.

Hair Refresher

The spray has an inscription on its container that it's anti-odour. This explains itself but the truth is there is more to it than just taking away odour from one's hair.
 This is a moisturizing spray which is enriched with natural oils like jojoba and peppermint. It refreshes, moisturizes, smells great with this minty feeling and also adds shine to the hair.

The whole idea of using a hair spray is to get rid of odor and also dryness but I believe what matters most is the contents of the spray. I have a DIY spritz for my natural hair which has water, oils, glycerine, etc and when I read the ingredients on this product I realized that they were not too different from what I had made myself, except for some of the big big names I saw which didn't really matter to me. My concern is usually with the ingredients listed first. This means that I can always use any of them based on its availability at the needed time.

One last good thing I can say about these products is that they are sooooo affordable so I would urge someone out there to go grab a set and i bet that you will not regret it...

NB: A review on the SOS Hairline will be up soon....... 

Like I always say..... keep being yourself... Be Bold & Beautiful


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Product Review- Dark & Lovely Braids & Weaves

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

Hoooooooo!!!!!!! I know right...its been a while but you know I always come back with something very interesting and guess what this is about..... Ok.. you can't guess so just take a seat, relax and enjoy reading this...
Its been over 3 weeks I think since I found something worth having and I couldn't wait say something about it but I had to hold on tight and be sure of what I had in hand.
The dark & lovely braids n weaves line of products is what am talking about. I don't know why it took them so long to bring this out but I think it's better late than never. I have loved Dark and Lovely products since I "came on" (direct twi translation) hahaha and you know I was showing that "mbaso)" by doing some skirmishes to my hair and that was when I met Dark and the same its here and I am personally glad I received these new range of products.

Description of products

The new Dark and Lovely line of products I believe was brought in to encourage the use of natural ingredients for our hair and also to reduce the problems black women face when they install braids and weaves as protective styles.
These products include the scalp wash which helps remove dirt and excess oil and leaving the scalp clean, the scalp soother which basically relieves the scalp of itchiness and that tight feeling you have just after you have a braid or weave installed, the hair refresher which gives your hair and scalp that refreshing feeling after you have cleaned with the scalp wash and lastly the SOS hairline which is to protect the edges or hairline when you braid. All the products also have jojoba oil and peppermint oil in them and these are very good oils for the hair especially natural hair...

For the purpose of this blog post I would only talk about the first three that is the scalp wash, scalp soother and hair refresher. I could not use the SOS hairline because my hair was not freshly installed when I got it and I actually had no issues with my hairline.

Scalp wash
This product as described on the container is waterless meaning you don't need to rinse out after using it, its anti flakes meaning it doesn't leave any flaky substance (like some white or light brownish powdery on your scalp. These are just as stated on the container but what about my own experience.....
Before I go on let me say this... when using products that need to get to your scalp always ensure you use an applicator bottle so it gets directly to your scalp and not the hair itself and this is a plus I will give to Dark and lovely when talking about these products...kudos to you D&L

Now to the main deal.... I am most of the time a bit reluctant when I have to use new products especially when I read the ingredient list and see some names bi like but trust me this is one product that is a bomb+... now see oooo, at once when I put the first drop of this gel like substance on my scalp, I had this cold and ticklish feeling and I went like "hooooo!!!! this feels cool" I went on and on applying on my scalp as directed and then waited for like a minute or even a bit more then took my cotton wool....hmmmm I wish someone could see the look on my face after I cleaned a portion of my hair... I went like "eeeiiiii what is this"? But I was surprised because my scalp doesn't really get so dirty and so I was wondering what had happened and where all that dirt came from. Well I couldn't explain at that time but it left me really thinking and then I found out what the problem know I had some new growth down there and so you see where the knot is ie where the braid begins, where my new growth meets the extension....I don't know if that makes sense but I hope it does. That was where some of the dirt came from. So I concluded that, not only does this clean your scalp but it also somehow finds its way to that stubborn knot and takes some dirt out of there too. Honestly, I would say this is a good one because I am sometimes not able to wash my hair under the shower due to time constraints considering the drying and all that. It also smells great and my scalp is not itchy after using it so although I don't have dandruff I believe it will do some magic for those who do.... So, this is a must get product if you ask me.

wwoooowww!!!!!! did I just write all that? ok so you know what that on the other products will follow shortly in a new post...

Thanks so much for reading this and just keep your fingers crossed for more on the Dark n Lovely Braids and Weaves line of products in my new post...

Scalp Soother


Stay Blessed!!!! Be yourself......Be Bold & Beautiful!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

African Black Soap with Aloevera (DIY)

Hi lovely naturalistas,

I am here again with something very interesting. Just stay relaxed and enjoy reading this post.

Someone may ask why have I come again with a post on black soap.... Well, I have within a couple of weeks heard a lot of things people thought or experienced with using this black soap.
One of such comments is that using the black soap has a drying effect.
I will not dispute this but however, my question is...what black soap do you buy and where do you buy it?
Let me explain why I ask these questions....

First of all, not all black soap on the market is original and there are different ways people process this black soap.
Secondly, in as much as naturally or locally made products may be the best, it doesn't mean it will work for everyone. I can attest to the fact that they will work for more than 90% of its users and so how do you explain the situation with other users who may react to it. Some people say its really good on their hair but it makes them itch when they use it on their skin. Some also say its really great on their skin but dries their hair. We are all different people with different hair and skin. Some say it clears their acne and so on...\

Now, to my main reason for this post....
I have been using black soap for quite a long time now and trying from different sources, I have noticed not all black soap have the drying effect, not all black soap are soft,not all black soap can help with your acne, not all black soap can give your hair the good feel you expect, not all black soap can leave your hair feeling smooth.
That been said, I will advice that when you want to buy black soap from the market especially those wrapped in the brown papers, you should be careful.
For those packaged, make sure you have read the ingredients before buying them though some may not entirely be
I will soon give some reviews on the particular brands I use but for now, I want to give you a tip on how to use black soap as your shampoo and especially when you are not certain of its originality.

This is all about adding aloe vera gel to your black soap.....

I found out about the moisturizing benefits of using aloe vera and so I added it to my daily fritz then I also decided to try infusing it into my shampoo(black soap) and see how it works.
To my surprise I got more than I expected. How do I mean? I only wanted to have a more moisturizing effect from the aloe but guess hair was sooo shiny and I had that wow look on my face. Funny enough, I did not condition my hair with the intention of seeing how my hair would become after few days and to my amazement my hair was still same. Sounds strange??? Well its the truth. But I did condition the next time I used it because I wasn't ready for any

Other benefits of Aloe vera???
De-tangling, Deep conditioning (moisturizing), etc

Ok that's it for now....coming back soon with more interesting stuff.....

Just keep it calm and enjoy your fabulous crowns.. and like I always end it.....



Friday, 27 June 2014


This African black soap has become an increasingly popular choice for natural hair care and this post is to bring to your table the benefits of using this product for your natural hair. I believe once you get to know its advantages you would want to give it a try.

African black soap (also known as Anago or Alata Samina, or Ose Dudu) is an all-natural cleanser originating from some African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. It includes ingredients such as Shea butter, plantain peels, cocoa pod, palm oil, palm kernel oil. All these are mixed together and stirred for a long period of time and left to set for close to two weeks before packaged.
You can also notice that there are colour variations in the soap which explains the fact that different tribes and communities have their own blend of oils and techniques that they use for the mixture

Plantain skin- it’s main ingredient- is a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron, which explains why this soap is so nourishing to skin and hair.
People love this soap because it can be used anywhere on the body from head to toe and is often said to have a healing effect.
- See more at:    
African black soap can be used to prevent issues such as common breakouts or oily skin, as well as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and numerous skin conditions, and also has an increased natural UV protection. The plantain skin which is the main ingredient in the mixture is a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron, which explains why this soap is so nourishing to the skin and hair.
I really love this soap because it can be used from our head to the toe and is often known to have a healing effect on us.
This soap, needless to say also leaves my hair soooooo soft , with some springy curls and moist. I know some people may wonder about this one but well for my hair it does great on it. The truth is there are some fake ones on the market and one characteristic of a fake black soap is its hard feeling. A good African black soap has a soft feel just like it acts on the hair and skin.

Another great benefit of this soap is that it lathers very well with just a few strokes under water, and so it lasts for quite a long time before it finishes.

So ladies, which of you would refuse a 3 in 1 product????? face, body and hair!!!

well for me its a plus plus plus!!!!!! Now rush for your African black soap and enjoy the great feeling it gives.........

To all my naturalistas out there..... Love yourself and your hair just as they are and Be Bold & Beautiful!!!!!
People love this soap because it can be used anywhere on the body from head to toe and is often said to have a healing effect.
- See more at: